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Tooth Whitening


Tooth Whitening is a common procedure in dentistry. Children have whiter teeth then adult because of different mineral structure. And as the person grow the teeth become darker because of changes in the mineral structure with time. To get these teeth brighter and whiter Tooth Whitening is the one of the best option available.


External Tooth Whitening:

In this technique Tooth Whitening is done from outside the tooth. External Tooth Whitening includes,

  1. Office bleach
  2. Home bleach.

1) Office bleach:

In office bleach, a dentist applies tooth whitening solution on teeth. Then focuses LED light on the teeth. Depending upon the stains the tooth has, further sitting can be planned. This is the safest and most preferred way of tooth whitening.

2) Home bleach:

In home bleach technique a special tray is made and Patient has to wear the tray according to the instruction given by the dentist. Patient needs to apply the bleaching agent in the tray and wear it .Lighter stains can be effectively removed by this method, but in case of heavier stains this method is less effective.


Tooth Whitening is basically preferred to improve a smile, to make teeth bright and to remove the stains from the tooth. The indications for tooth whitening include….

  1. Stains of bacterial pigments on the tooth.
  2. Stains of pan-masala, tobacco, betel nut on tooth.
  3. Tetracycline Given to the mother at the time of pregnancy can cause internal stains on teeth during tooth bud developments.
  4. Fluoride stains as specially in areas where fluoride content in water is higher than normal.
  5. If tooth is non-vital or dead it may become black or brown over a period of time.
  6. Stain from smoking can be removed with Tooth Whitening.
  7. Excessive use of food color can stain the tooth; these stains also can be removed with tooth whitening.
  8. Long standing Amalgam filling can cause the tattooing of the tooth,which can be treated by bleaching.


  1. Boosts your confidence.
  2. Enhances your personality.
  3. Painless procedure.
  4. Can be performed in a single sitting.
  5. Can also be done at home.

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